Version: Distance//Dream Drop

Overdirve Trade Log
7/12/16 Traded my petal09, mc-Mina for Ash's pilgrimage01, mc-Ash Traded my rakyat22, exhitman11, exhitman28, spacecraft17 for Soctt's dramaclub16, dramaclub20, pilgrimage09, paradox24 Traded my blackbox07 for Mysti's pilgrimage04 7/11/16 Traded my tailflame05,taliflame10 and dinosaur18 for Ran-chan's pilgrimage02,whistle05 and whistle07 6/28/16 Traded my witch08 and azeroth19 for Nyla's futurelondon20, futurelondon29, dramaclub25 and member cards
6/27/16 Traded my bau22 for ran-chan's funland12 and member cards

6/25/16 Traded my coronation26 for Cami's pilgrimage10 and member cards


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